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          Zemdirbyste-Agriculture is a quarterly scientific journal which covers a wide range of topics in the field of agricultural sciences, agronomy. It publishes articles of original research findings in the English language in the field of agronomy (soil and crop management, crop production, plant protection, plant breeding and genetics, biotechnology, plant nutrition, agrochemistry, soil science, microbiology etc.) and related areas. Articles are peer-reviewed. Review, debating papers as well as those of a methodological nature will also be considered.

          Published by:
          Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry,
          Vytautas Magnus University

          Web of Science (InCites Journal Citation Reports / Science Edition: 2008),
          Journal Impact Factor – 1.020 for 2018,
          0.746 for 2017, 0.644 for 2016, 0.579 for 2015, 0.420 for 2014,?0.523 for 2013,?0.567 for 2012, 0.327 for 2011, 0.232 for 2010
          5-year Impact Factor – 0,978

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